Journey into the past

Journey into the past

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Kaliyuga - A concept

I loved the concept my friend sent me this morning on the four yugas in Hinduism. However let me elaborate and make correction a bit on this concept.
 There are four yugas widely accepted in Hinduism. They are : 1. Satya yug 2. Treta yug (Ramayana) 3. Dwapara yug(Mahabharata) 4. Kal yug(Present)

 In Satya yug, the fight was between two worlds (Devalok & Asuralok). Asuralok being the Evil, and projected to us as a different WORLD. The truth is both worlds were same. Difference is that the world was captured as the Evil won and we are the prisoners in this illusionary world where history is written to project the Evil as God. After his victory with the Orginal Goddess creator, the Evil established himself as God the creator on Earth and personality ( Adam) too was imprisoned after the great war.

 In Treta yug, the fight was between Rama and Ravana. Both rulers from two different COUNTRIES. We were told Good won the war and Ravana was destroyed as he was bad. But again truth is distorted and hidden. Once again history written where good and bad were both His aspects. He waged war against himself and once again established himself as God the creator on Earth.

 In Dwapara yug, the fight was between Pandavas and Kauravas. Both good and evil from the SAME FAMILY. They fought amongst themselves and both good and bad were a aspect of their own identity. They fought and they won to reestablish the world.

 Kindly note how the evil is getting closer. For example, from a DIFFERENT WORLD to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY to the SAME FAMILY. Now, know where is the evil in Kaliyug??? 
It is inside us and outside us Both GOOD AND EVIL LIVE WITHIN and is projected in the outer surroundings. The battle is within us first which will gradually reflect in the outer surroundings. Who will we give victory to, our inner goodness or the evil within or the outer surface of Religion, God, Government, Terrorism, Hatred , Communal Violence etc etc.

 In all yugas history was written for our minds which is convincingly distorted accordingly. In this yuga we are awaiting the coming of Kalki Mahdi and Jesus. In truth there is no saviour coming to save us as there is a slight change in the present scenario which means that the God is unable to declare another dharam yudh against his own self. The original Queen Mother is here and the battle is between the Queen Mother the feminine Goddess against the God himself. This is not a story created by my own exaggerated ideas it's a fact. We are a photocopy of the original version of the personality merged with the soul and within us a spark of the spirit is imprisoned. As the Queen Mother withdraws the spark we begin to perish.

 Personality is the Adam or Qalb Soul is the Ego God Spirit is the Ruh or the Mother

 If we read all scriptures either God is fighting a dharam yudh , a War or threatening us with dire consequences or we are ordered to worship or submission. This is Ego the God himself on Earth.

 In simple terms we understand that in satya yuga God established himself as the Ruler of the Universe and Scriptures were presented to mankind with God's words full of Ego and praise for himself. Along with distorted history of God, Religion and it's manifestations.

 It's like when Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan lost the war to Mohammed Ghori history was rewritten. Prithviraj Chauhan was accused of decline of moral and virtues in his kingdom and in his army. His Queen was accused as nymphomaniac and thus raped continuously and dharma was established in India through the Sufi concept. Here Khwaja Chishty played the role of Lord Krishna and Ghori was the Arjuna. And the sloka Yada yada hi Dharmasy glanirbhavati bharat, Abhyutthanam dharmasy tadatmanam  srajamyaham. Paritranay sadhunam vinashay ch dushkritam,  Dharm sansthapnarthay  sambhmami yuge yuge reestablished Dharma in a mass conversion of Hindus to Islam.

 History will be always rewritten as the victorious king will direct to be projected as the righteous as he considers himself as the God on Earth.

The similar concept continued on Earth wars waged against one another and the victorious destroys , seizes and plunders treasures of the lost King including his women and children as prisoners in the harem.

It's the similar story about Sathya Yuga. Good was declared Evil and Evil established himself as God and the prisoner ( Adam ) began to worship the King as God himself, and the lost Queen was disillusioned and imprisoned. Her position was conveniently replaced by a false Queen Mother. And the original Queen Mother was forced to participate in the creation against her will. And this way we have experienced different eras or yuga. However since the escape of the imprisoned Queen in 2007, the game has taken a different approach towards peace and justice. The war is between those two invincible powers and we need to make choices. If we continue to be worshipping religion and it's God's we have made our choice to remain in the Gods army who is in fact the Evil himself known as God. And if we are on the path of truth than we must follow strict moral and ethical standards and completely take control of God by suppressing all desires and Ego. Because the time has arrived where God and his army will perish. This is the most recent Revelation. All this while the true Goddess was imprisoned and God won all the battle waged against himself. However this battle is not about him and his self rather a war with the original Queen Mother and her victory is destined. The War has begun just that we are unable to see as we are so busy with our lives and it's desires. If we fail to see this coming we will perish in time.

 Today the war we are awaiting is between the God ( Government) and Terrorism ( God himself creating) for one more history to be rewritten. But we cannot see the third angle to this which is the true Goddess marching towards the battlefield to destroy the God and his history. The voice you hear now is of the soul which is the God within you. It's not the voice of the spirit which is the Real Creator of the universe. Its important to know Please understand soul and spirit are not the same. It's is a misconception to create confusion in our minds.

 Think, identify and fight. 👍

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The celestial battle

The earth was warming. The snow was melting. Volcanoes erupted and the ground began to shake. The high winds and dust storms. The universe was in chaos. On earth brimstones falling causes a lot of trouble in the skies. A large asteroid called Enki partnered with Adamu the moon to enslave the true divine being, the unknown Mother Goddess. However basic stupidity evolved on Adamu.
The giant watery split in two, one half struck the Milky Way galaxy and the other on earth. The gravitational pull is so strong that it wreaks havoc on earth, causing floods to reverse the magnetic poles.

The incredibly long lives assigned to the harsh, humiliating work felt they were in hell, a hell that lasted for millions of years. Eventually, the rebelled, took Adamu as hostage and threatened to kill him if their work was not drastically complete.

Anu arrived with the proposed that he be allowed to make a primitive slave to begin the work of the modeled.

The Divine Feminine in captivity reprimand to collaborate with the deceptiveness of Enki the Satan. Due to this non co operation by the Divine Goddess numerous failures, hard work, trial and error, failed experiments, creation of monstrosities, Enki finally succeeded in making their “perfect” prototype. To make the Adamu, Enki had to “bind the image” onto that DNA through deceptiveness that alter a primitive homoerectus to the Homosapien man.
When the gods decided to rape, Enki complained that the devastation on earth let all the earlier variety die in the deluge.

Enki managed to collect the seed to repopulate after the flood waters receded.

The humans were desperately needed, to work for kingship and priest to act as intermediaries between Gods and the half human children genetically modified.
In the distant past a huge war occurred to capture the Supreme Mother Goddess. The outburst raised a radioactive cloud, nuclear wind and fallout that killed innumerable people and gods alike.
Though Enki re-established his base, the mode of acquisition proved a mission on earth team headed by Enki. After the deceptive battle Enki along with the seeds and the captive relocated. Enki established new operations of advanced mining techniques in Africa over 100,000 years ago. Obviously, they needed man and goddess for the new operations as ape Gods were able to conduct highly technical operations.

After the nuclear devastation which was indeed a  very rare event a space port was built at the site of the landing area during the flood. When Enlil got wind of this effort, he flew and destroyed the launch tower and the space programme.

The city Egypt according to ra, amen and tem, involved in the exile came to set up the space port. Those gods went to the orbiting space station as the scholar’s expressions.

Later on many of the Quran’s style of mixing history together, in a few verses, existing as a whole were joined together.  They ripped apart science beyond future.
It is the existence of seven water-filled belts stored for advanced technology in the asteroid belts which worked as fuel for the deceptive gods to hold the corpse to symbolize “heaven”

The air or wind in the asteroid belts soaring serpents and dragons as the creator of humanity.

Serpents or reptiles like Enki, Ningishzidda, Apep Quetzalcoatl, Marduk, Kulkukaan and Itzamna referred to the ancient flaming rocket as species of being  called Jesus, Nephilim (bible), Devas (India), Asuras (Mesopotamia and India), Haruts, Maruts, Chanes (America), Elohim (Cananites), Allah ( Quran ), Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Loas (Africa), Neteru (Egypt), Igungun (Yoruba), Rishi (India) and jinn.

The “jinn” literally “snake” is reptilian angels because both the bible and Quran make it plain that Satan (Shaytan), Iblis and Lucifer was once considered the most brightest of all the angels. Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and the rest of the angels is another devil.

The Asuras waged war against Ramâ (India) is both demons.
Mother Goddess lamented “We indeed created you, we fashioned angels, Finally Adam prostrated to Iblis”.

The secret weapon

As described the celestial weapon considered to be the discharged intent. The target will face complete annihilation. Used only once in a lifetime the user display the weapon that for the purpose of upholding dharma.

According to the invoked, a key is bestowed upon the user when he is given the weapon. By proper call upon the force against his opponent the damage is all around to exist. Women and men become infertile. There is rainfall and the cracks created by various demigods, is considered to be the most powerful of all.

There are numerous threatened as ordered, but unable to do so, instead subsequently did not have a piece of silent pray to the power.

Similarly in the final blow Ravana, individually, the whole firmament by the flash of a time of cosmic annihilation. The radiation produced explosion in the whole cosmic situation. The heat at the time of annihilation retracted Lord Sri Krishna."

The theory can annihilate to destroy the world. And secondly, nothing can be built up or that natural laws work under the direction of the lord.
The world can be destroyed only by the will of the all-powerful lord, and by only transcendental, supernatural knowledge, i.e., the specific invoked potency through regular means.

As specific conditions involving the usage, the knowledge involving use, was passed from directly the particular mind.  Eyes, words used by lesser beings will affect the human beings.
Consequent inter connectedness and interdependence, become self oriented and actions, are restored as also the balance.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

The secret syllable – The undisclosed

In an effort to explain a complex interpretive system to reconcile new method reached their attention. Enki knew that a perfect being was not possible through Adamu as this needed the hidden intelligent consciousness a divine feminine with the 12 stranded DNA. Thus the spiraling 10 strands of that DNA recreated the present human.

Enki saw the word hidden in the core of Adamu. Shortly they decided to authenticate their awareness through the black supremacy if indeed such word was hidden within the core of Adam.
The answer through the deadliest magic affirmed that such was hidden within the core of the man.
Enki decided to confront Adamu and persuade him to bring down the supreme creator Goddess, which  to be held in captivity and compel the conception of the new creation and the universe.
However, Adamu rebelled and in the second account, Adamu was taken from his land to dispute between matters that was discussed behind closed doors. The unspeakable name of an anonymous is the conflict that arose because Adamu, refused, pronouncing the unspeakable name of an unknown goddess.

Adamu was angered by rude behavior, the threat from the three angels.  Adamu refused, claiming that the Supreme created the images and/ the angels. And in this act Adamu felt that he would be in risk.
At this point, Enkis spell formulas proposed to protect the directly associated.

In turn, Enki the serpent seduced Adamu. It striked a chord that “real women” is essential to occur in the copied world. All associated still remains unknown.

The Secret Syllable to be spoken on circumstances.  As a result of spirits name invoked, the supreme power would attempt to guard the sleeping creation. The queen of the realm appears as the divine presence, the mother of the house. The holy, noble, obedient Adam was responsible for the lies in her defiance. It is the control of Enki that makes Adamu, the greatest Satan ever on earth.

She is the divinely ordered state of a powerful woman against whom men had few defenses and protection. Her legend demonstrates disruptive and destructive. She provides necessary dimension, which is otherwise lacking, to the story which, portrays eve as a sexless fool. A character of the original is a beast of the desert with the jackals, and the wild goat rest. The word is, however, the association with instance.

In her real power she represents the female with the severest controls that been kept hidden. However, a powerful unidentified presence, an unspoken name, in the mind of one person is used to identify the true source of the world.

The twelve fallen angels are evil, because they have no power or strength to stand up against the woman by strength. The “human treatise” described the form of a beautiful woman "burning fire" with the primordial.

Amulets, magic or incantation identified a number composed of pairs of combined information that is not recognized with the serpent. For a snake's lower parts between Adamu in the scene carved the doorway of the façade.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Tablet of wisdom

Valley between two rivers
The valley between the two, the first object that was shiny that held immense power and knowledge. These held the fate of the determined.

 From the first, the recorded account of the great , possessed the tablets. He received these tablets from the mother goddess. Mother goddess was the original owner of the tablets, and by giving these tablets to man, man was twisted by Satan to speak of a name which is not his name.
 But the attempt to steal the tablets fails.
The tablets from the valley originated from creation.
The tablets being given to man by Goddess
Then the fearsome man sealed on his breast.
The tablets of destiny are clearly seen.
Placed on his breast shows the motifs of the tablets
The possession of noteworthy control and magnitude .

The tablet of great wisdom and the secret of the universe

 If thou enchant the sky, the earth, the abyss, the mountains, and the sea; thou wilt understand the language of the air, and thou wilt know what the earth are saying, and thou wilt see the depths of the sea. And if thou wert dead in the form thou once hadst, thou wilt see the shining full moon wilt.

A 100 pieces of silver for its location the wicked eventually seals it.
The hidden within a box, within a box, and within a life.
He fixes the book to his breast, just before his death.

The tablet holds the secrets of three discs
When the word in your mind takes place to represent your past, you’re present and your future, enormous power indicates a spinning wheel.
The spinning wheels on the either side of the life.
One that  inside of the treaty is the real power behind the great gods.
These hide the perfect place in the facade.

The two was kept in the enemy’s power but handled the tablets with injury.
The powers and attribute that were immensely powerful and important to the Anunnaki.
What could have been that gave them such a position of importance?

These held the secret of the universe, which was the knowledge. This was the knowledge that had allowed the Anunnaki to live for centuries, and travel huge distances at great speeds, and this is the knowledge that has been hidden from mankind. For with this you become god. It is this that separates the science of the universe.
 The "space" to see things that we at cannot see.

This space we see as the ancients created.

The world was in the hands of the Assyrians.  They entered the land and sacked the world's treasures. This treasury of unknown wealth and beauty has been the riches of the world.
The one visited the Fertile Crescent, amazed, watching the path.
A young king died a million times
The Keys to the treasury ever to have known.
This is the treasury to be protected.

 The royal families and religious leaders conspired, and negotiated a settlement to reestablished their ancient king line to power.

 The great treasury upon opening , many of the great iconic pieces missing, including the last word.
At the time of the flood mankind from the deluge, safe guard the destruction of the word.
It involves the continuation of all mankind to exist.

Tree of Life

After the first success of capturing Adam, Enki “proudly declared, ‘to the tree of life two branches have been added, with procreating powers the life essences are now entwined. Enki started the half secret brotherhood of the snake (the Kundalini) for Adamu descendants. The brotherhood will give them advanced knowledge.

Ninmah, Adamu and Enki felt the conscious of soul connection in their sexuality.  Adamu awakened to realization when he discovered enjoyment in their sexuality. Ninmah began to breed more and more. Those children coupled with each other and brought in different variety of species, few half humanoid on earth too. In due course over a long period, after many varieties, there finally came a different looking race homo erectus which in turn brought the Homo sapiens. Enki coupled with the Homo erectus and the Homosapien boys and girls. Enki kept his fatherhood secret. Enki taught them all method of voodoo and witchcrafts. Enki boasted, a new kind of earthling has been created, in my image and after my likeness.

Yet he was not pleased as he could not create the looks of the Adamu thou he managed to create the two legged beings. He knew there was a missing link in his creation. He decided to look for that missing part which was the road to perfection.

Enki v/s Enlil

One day when Enlil visited Enki he saw a blue eyed Adamu placed in an enclosure. Ninmah proud of herself spoke up and showed the commander what they had done. Enlil made Enki explain. Enki confessed. Enki’s team had exceeded in the act of   creation of a new kind which did not go well with Enlil.  Enki arrested Enlil and sentenced Enlil for disobedience. Ningishzidda, however, calm down Enki and the commander released Enlil.  Enki called Enlil a snake, descending on his genetic program without permission.

In a few thousand years of work Enkis team were relieved. Adama’s   genes   created mixed hybrid, reptilian humanoid species. Adama’s descendant’s became priests to lead rituals and taught the creations to obey , worship and give sacrifices to Enki, Nannar and the other Anunnaki fallen angels as gods.

Nothing was created out of nothing. Everything began with a foundational base. Until they found the source, the Anunnaki gods were nothing more than uncivilized animals. They never had the technology what the genesis or other tablets reveal. All religion and mythology was recorded once they found the component which elevated their position. The difference was they knew how to use it to their benefit.

Friday, 18 September 2015

The after effect of the fusion - Human Body

The bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that populate every nook and cranny of the human body mark an important step towards understanding how microbes make humans human.

The human body contains about 100 trillion cells, but only maybe one in 10 of those cells are actually — human. The rest are from bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

The human we see in the mirror is made up of more microbes than human.
The microbial microbes that live in and on our bodies but also all the genes — all the metabolic capabilities they’re there for a reason. We have a relationship with them — we give them a place to live, and they keep us busy.
They digest our food and extract vitamins and other nutrients, teach our immune systems how to recognize dangerous invaders and even compounds chemicals that make us sick.

These microbes are part of our disease as well. These bugs disrupt the delicate carefully construct bodies, and make us sick.
They are the disturbance in the immune system and some kind of imbalance. And then we live under normal circumstances, in a benign way and become a disease-bearing organism.

Our obsession in babies disrupts the normal idea behind the first normal, healthy like. The microbes in a pregnant woman's birth canal start to change just before she gives birth. Babies are born with just the right micro biome they'll need to be in this world.

More than their bodies their mouths, noses, guts, behind each ear and inside each elbow micro biomes landscape, across the body the microbial cells talk to human cells and   human cells talk back to them.  Because together makes us who we are.


The beginning of these fallen angel race was asexual mortal both male and female and can change between being dominantly male or female. Similar to many other species they become pregnant themselves having sex. This is the reproduction. These give live birth. They lay eggs with a shell from which offspring emerge. The eggs have a leather-like shell that thins as the hatch date looms near.

Eggs in all different sizes and shapes to best accommodate the size and shape of the offspring.  Upon delivery of the offspring the entire shell structure has thinned to the point that only the thin mucous membrane remains from which the offspring emerges. Because no whitish shell structure is seen and the membrane is sometimes broken through by the time the baby is fully delivered by the mother, these babies are born live.

Their conducted extensive genetic engineering did not take place in hi tech labs but in the jungles where they intermingled with different species. They wanted to conquer and control different types amongst them because they did not possess a look which is fit to be seen.

Binding of Energies

The life essences of Adamu was extracted bit by bit in a mud pot, then in the male part of Adamu, a drop of blood was let out. ‘Let that flesh and soul combine forever’. Ninmah squeezed the male part for blood, one drop in each vessel to bind a union between the body and soul.

The union of Adamu and Enki as one and the womb of Ninmah could not fashion the perfect form.
Rather as Enki fused into Adam, the energy of Enki transformed into the wind within the celestial human. Adam begins to flush out and leave behind current of air.  This was the foundation of a fused creation of a thoughtless God.

During the period when man was in the celestial garden, the nature exists in a state of equilibrium. It is after the unnatural fusion of man and Satan , the celestial Adamu (masculine forces of creation) separates from the true being , the divine feminine which is the original force of creation . Enki along with the fusion with Adamu manifest  the bonding of life , birth, growth, slumber, senses, excreta, wind, decay and death.

The first human is the direct manifestation of the real unknown creator Goddess the unknown to the universe went on to create a supreme appearance.  Mans descendants or off springs were the result of his action with Enki the fallen angel which was not anything more than a deformed version of the original concept.

In the Supreme Reality of the unknown God there was neither day nor night, neither earth nor sky and neither darkness nor light. At the subsidence of creation, Enki the False God with his desire entered Adamu who is beyond all bonding. His entry stimulated the process of a new creation on earth called mankind.

First of all, a single great element originated encompassing all the other lesser elements. From this great element originated sound. From sound originated water. Water produced expression
Ego and sense of touch manifested through Enki which produced wind inside Adamu. Hence, air was created. With wind smell originated, Fire gave birth to taste.

The   organs were produced by ego. Thus, the skin, eyes, ears, nose and tongue- aid the mind in its function. Anus, sex organs, hands, legs and speech organs are that help in action.
The unnatural fusion of man and Satan further created excretion, reproduction, movement and speech. All the five elements like sky, air, fire, water and earth are full of emotions. Hence, all these elements and their combination were present in the great ball or egg, from which lord Vishnu or Brahma or Enki had emerged.
 Lord Vishnu devours the entire elements and himself sleeps in the manifestation of Brahma.

The Rape of Humanity

Enki and Ninmah determined to abduct the sedated striking moonlike Adamu. It was time for them to set their plan in motion. Enki in the marshlands looked about. With him was Ninmah, the shape lifting sexless reptilian divine feminine. On the river’s bank, they notice the young Adamu; the sedated human saw the sight of Enkis phallus with water springing out. Adamu was in a state of sedated act with Enki and Ninmah. Enki had a burning desire for the young striking Adamu. Enki called to offer him the fruit of knowledge. Enki bent down, the young one he embraced; on his lips he kissed him. Sweet were his lips, firm was his phallus. Enki the serpent coupled with the young naive Adamu. He inserted his semen within Adamu.   Enki fused with Adamu and felt the electric current pass within his body. The merging of the two bodies created the union. Thus Adamu became Enki the greatest Satan who became the God of the universe. Enki harnessed all the energy of Adamu which made him stronger and extremely powerful.  Enki declared god as the man.

The life essence was extracted from Adamu in the wood. Enki decided to enjoy himself as the father (Enki) was full of desire and sought to extract the highest spirit from the son. He measured Adamu as the tree of life. Enki, the god of insight said to himself: "it is my foundation with all of the toil.' the Adamu look like the perfect gift of procreation. Adama’s seeds along with Enkis was scattered for the creation of man.

Ninmah, the false divine feminine then coupled with the blissful Adamu. Into her womb she took the holy semen of Adamu, by the semen of   Adamu she was impregnated. Ninmah fetus gestated. Ninmah laid seven eggs and Adama’s seven hybrid boys emerged; they looked like deformed figure and likeness of a reptilian Anunnaki in appearance. Eventually dinosaurs evolved as Australopithecus afarensis and inhabited the earth. These creatures, while possessing very ape-like heads, had more deformed human-like bodies. Thou they could not create the right look; they succeeded in creating a hybrid humanoid that walked on two legs.

This was the beginning for Enki the Satan who came to be known as our father and Ninmah the mother of mankind. The sexless Ninmah was declared as the great queen and was presented to earthlings as the primordial goddess of the earth.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Deadliest voodoo witchcraft

Enki or the Satan or the leader of the group of angels was the master of the cruel & deadliest voodoo witchcraft which he used to practice and instruct in the African continent.

They made that which resembles the victim Adamu; the heart was kept open for the final ritual. A ritual was performed and a heart was pulled out from a hybrid body while it was vibrating and placed into the heart area of the doll, at this point the doll was infused with Enkis semen connecting it with the victim Adamu with an invisible psychic chord. Once the doll and the victim were connected, needles were pushed in the doll at specific points to break the energy system of the victim.

As the pins pierced the ash of the dead was infused with negatively charged energy by Enki, the Satan, the effects to get unlimited control over the victims mind & body. The prime focus was to destroy the opposing coordination within the victim. The technique continued for years until the victim was put into a state of partially asleep. Voodoo witchcraft and black magic was being used at a horrifying rate and the hushed up voodoo witchcraft dominated the areas within Adamu spreading like wild fire. In the south the victim gradually reach the pinnacle losing the strong element.